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Potting Sheds

We've recently updated our Potting Shed with a new, modern, design. Featuring a host of upgrades our Potting Shed not only looks sleeker but also has increased practicality and usability.

The front of the Potting Shed is designed to maximise natural light whilst also affording better head and growing room. Additional opening windows allow for better airflow and ventilation throughout the seasons. The Potting Shed also features an attractive and useful stable door which is fitted with a rim lock. The stable door is available either fitted to the right or left end of the potting shed to suit your own requirements. A useful full length work bench is fitted to the front of the Potting Shed beneath the windows and is ideal for both potting up plants and growing them on.

Best of all, these improved design modifications haven't increased the price of our Potting Shed! Making it not only better looking and more practical but also much better value!