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Red Cedar Greenhouses

Alton Greenhouses are the premier Cedar greenhouse manufacturers in the U.K and we're proud to offer their unique buildings to our customers. Cedar greenhouses have a rich tradition to them and are renowned for their durability and longevity. Beautiful to look at the cedar greenhouses are for the more astute gardener or keen hobbyist and are available in sizes to suit all gardens!

The Alton Evolution Range

The Alton Evolution range is the perfect blend of cedar and alumininum creating a visually striking, unique building. Featuring all of the advantages of the cedar greenhouses it also has the clean, fresh, look that aluminium offers. The Evolution range is the culmination of 50 years experience within the Alton brand and it certainly shows. Featuring a variety of normally extra, expensive, add-ons as a standard the Evolution is the premier cedar greenhouse on the market. Be it the new mortice tenon joints to the newly developed bar capping system the greenhouse oozes quality without sacrificing it's unique charm.

The Evolution range is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from the comparatively small 5' x 4' to the genuinely cavernous 12' x 21' to suit your requirements.

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Baked Pine (Thermowood) Greenhouses

These greenhouses, supplied by Swallow Greenhouses, feature an innovative process in which the timber is "baked". This gives the timber a much more durable, stable and consistent finish. 

The Kingfisher Range

The Kingfisher is the basic Swallow Greenhouse. It is 2035mm (6'8") wide and features a single door. Due to the flexible, panel based, design you can extend the Kingfisher almost indefinitely. Due to this flexibility in size the Kingfisher will fit in to almost any garden. The Kingfisher also has various optional extras such as an attached shed and staging.

All Swallow Greenhouses are available in a wide range of colours!