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Felt rolls Essex

Felt Rolls Essex

So, summer has finally arrived, and after an interminably long hibernation through another grim, wet British winter, I stepped, blinking into the sun, and realised once again, there is more to see than can ever be seen, and more to do than can ever be done... And that I had spent too much of the last few months eating ice cream and watching Disney films!
This year’s big problem is going to be fixing the shed roof. It is a rented house, and I really don’t want to put too much time and money into it, but it technically wasn’t part of the lease so the landlord won't give it a second look, and I really want the space to keep my bikes. So, long story short, it is going to be my pennies that pay for new felt rolls. Essex weather feels like it has been getting worse and worse these last few years, and I want to maintain the old shed for as long as possible. Having done some searching I decided felt rolls are the way to go so I put ‘felt rolls, Essex’ into everyone’s favourite search engine and quickly found the Shed Centre in Flyover Nurseries on Coggleshall Road just outside Colchester (check out their website here).
The place is surprisingly big, but I quickly found a great choice of felt rolls. Essex isn’t well known for the quality of its sheds, but these guys could put the entire county on the map! I was really impressed with their delivery options, and the staff helped me get all the various additional bits I need. I didn’t use their delivery service as I had the roof bars on, but if we ever decide to put a new shed in, I will make sure I let them bring it! So, altogether I picked up some felt lap adhesive, a few spare packs of 13mm clout nails (because it is always better to attach many rather than too few!) and a 10m roll of green mineral felt (found here). They had a range of heavy duty felt rolls too, but I really didn’t want to invest too much into a rented property roof.
So, I have my materials, and now in the words of a venerable sage: ‘it’s hammer time’. I grabbed my toolbox and then waited a whole two weeks for the weather to cut me a break and give me a dry day to do it! Laying felt rolls does need to be done when the weather is fine, wood changes size when wet, and moisture between the felt rolls can affect the seal and the end result may be a less than waterproof finish. When I did finally get to laying the felt rolls, Essex gave me a day of fine weather, and I really enjoyed repairing the large hole. I think I fell into my usual trap and used a few too much of the felt rolls, but more is more right?
Now we just need to wait for another rainstorm and see how well my handiwork holds...