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Shead Felt

Shead Felt

When it comes to Shed Centre, we’re committed to bringing you the very best in garden buildings, garages and greenhouses. Our services always provide the very best whether that’s something you want made to measure or to protect your existing, garden building further. With affordable prices across our entire range, you’ll struggle to find anywhere cheaper that doesn’t forgo on quality. We offer plenty of accessories for your shed in order to keep it standing for years to come. From felt and shed treatments to custom-built buildings, we do it all.

When it comes to your shed, its purpose is to store away all your tools and garden equipment. You may also perhaps have various items of furniture that need shelter from the rain and wet weather conditions. Having shed felt is a necessity in making sure that whatever you store inside it is kept safe and dry. There is a variety of shed felts available for you to choose from, whether you want to try out a heavy-duty option or the polyester option which has been made with British weather in mind. Choose from rolls of felt or felt tiles depending on the requirements of the shed’s roofing, the size and style you’re going for.

Felt for your roofing is essential to keep your sheds protected by acting as an extra layer between the roof decking and shingles. The materials that it’s made up of will provide a suitable layer of insulation that will help keep the shed a reasonable temperature. This proves quite useful if you work in this space too. Most felts usually composed of a number of materials which are then soaked in a sealant to prevent them from absorbing any water that might seep through the roof’s decking. This sealant repels the water but still provides the material with some breathability to stop it from smelling or affecting the wood surrounding it.

Adding a layer of felt in between your shed’s roofing is not something you need to do but is important in creating a long-lasting roof. It makes your shed look more presentable too, and so it’s worth the extra investment. There are many advantages to spending your money on the felt to improve the finish and quality of your shed’s roof. For shed roofing, one layer of roof felting is advisable, whereas two layers are usually used under a slate roof which is often something that your home would benefit from. The more layers used, the heavier it’ll weigh down on the shingles, so be wary of this when you come to fit the felt.

Here at Shed Centre, we offer a number of felt options from rolls of felt to felt tiles. Our coloured, mineral felt is durable and economical. It comes in a variety of different colours to suit the rest of your shed’s aesthetic. There’s also our underlay felt that comes with flame dispersible polyethene, which is ideal for those where you might need to meet certain ratings towards fire safety.