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Shead Treatment

Shead Treatment

Shed Centre offers an array of garden buildings at an affordable and cost-effective price. Whatever your needs may be for this building, we’re able to cater to your needs. Custom-built or one that already suits your requirements online, we deliver a fast and efficient service. When you’ve bought your first garden building, it’s time to start taking care of it so that the money you invested in it was worthwhile spending.

Just like your home, a shed treatment is needed to ensure it remains looking as good as new for years to come. During the year, certain weather conditions can impact the quality and look of the building. Whether it’s a simple colour that you want to add to it or to maintain it’s natural wooden look, there are plenty of treatments out there. At Shed Centre, we offer a mixture of water-based and spirit-based treatments all available for collection. Our Timbacare is ideal for adding a touch of colour to the building and has the aesthetics of a varnish but without needing to re-treat it yearly.

Shed treatments can protect the wood that the building is made out of and can protect it against UV rays that fade and ages the wood faster. It should be something that’s done regularly in order to stay on top of it. If you’ve bought a shed that has not yet been treated, it’s good to do this straight away instead of putting it off and leaving it to gradually get affected by the weather. Applying the treatment on an annual basis is recommended as it helps to prevent any kind of weather damage that usually causes damage to wood and timber buildings.

When preparing your shed for a treatment, give it a clean down to remove any dirt and debris that you don’t want being included with the preservatives that you’re using. Apply the relevant materials to fill in any gaps. Use sandpaper to help chip away any patchy or loose paint before you go about applying anything else. A wood primer is applied next, which acts as an extra layer of protection. Once the primer is dry, apply your first layer of treatment. You’ll need to wait until it’s dry before applying the second coat. Make sure you’re applying it in dry conditions, you don’t want to be doing it when it’s wet.

Treating your shed is just as important as other home maintenance jobs on your property, and if you want to keep all your tools and equipment safe and dry, a shed treatment will help provide that extra layer of protection. Keep on top of your treatment applications and try to stay on top of doing it on an annual basis. It’s always worth doing it more regularly if you have the time and if it’s worth spending the money on extra products. With the right amount of care to your garden building, it should stay standing and look presentable for years to come. You want your shed to last a lifetime, and it certainly can do.